scp poolcorp | Exhibit

design challenge

POOLCORP is the world’s largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies, equipment and related outdoor leisure products. They wanted to make a splash by showing off a collection of exhibit solutions to showcase at their annual conference.

POOLCORP asked us to implement our expertise for interjecting sophistication and modern flavor into exhibits past. They asked for designs that added a touch of elegance to their immense and impressive product line, while exemplifying their brand of attendees at the same time.  Additional needs included:

  • Easy setup and tear down of each exhibit
  • Pack interchange graphics and panels for multiple shows throughout the year
  • Exhibits that needed to be modular to fit into 20′ x 20′ and 30′ x 30′ spaces
  • POOLCORP also needed assistance installing and dismantling exhibits on the show floor

design solution

POOLCORP worked closely with VOXX Exhibits to design and build an impressive collection of custom modular trade show exhibits. To help POOLCORP highlight their multiple divisions and products, each exhibit was designed to house interchangeable graphics and movable product displays, offering POOLCORP flexibility in messaging from show to show. The modular panel-based 30′ x 30′ design could be reconfigured to fit a 20′ x 20′ space and also made for easy setup, packaging, shipping and storing.

Sho-Link, POOLCORP’s trusted I&D service provider, installed POOLCORP’s exhibits and utilized years of experience combined with VOXX Exhibits components to deliver unsurpassed exhibit installation and dismantle service.

The exhibit solutions exceed POOLCORP’s needs, helping them maximize their ROI, showcase their products and increase brand presence.


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