Thermal Edge | Exhibit


You’ve never met an electrical enclosure air conditioner company quite like a Thermal Edge. We’ll prove it.  For one reason they offer the exceptional customer benefits. The second reason is that their electrical enclosure air conditioners are chocked full of rich features. Wait! We’ve got two more reasons: their products are Made-In-America—Irving Texas to be exact, and they give personalized customer service. When you call Thermal Edge, you’ll reach a knowledgeable and responsive sales or technical representative who will answer your question. We respect old school customer service.

Thermal needed to show off their wares in large graphic areas, using modern design themes, and a large monitor above normal viewing height projecting product displays.



Since they had more than enough to brag about, we worked with T.E. to create a custom exhibit design that showcased their AC units in glorious red, white, and blue color. We offered them lightweight podiums that would show off their equipment and a large monitor to show them off.  Forecast: our displays heating up the crowd interest while cooling them off at the same time. Epilogue: Thermal Edge went from handling their shows to fully entrusting us to handle everything for them. Being fellow perfectionists, we’re honored.




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