Lighting Tips to Make Your Exhibit Shine

by Admin | December 16, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Did you know that most visitors decide in about three seconds whether they want to stop at a booth? Creative lighting is a critical attention-grabbing element in your exhibit. Here are few ways you can make your audience stop, look and listen.

Attract Attention
Colored LED tape, moving lights and up-lighting are fun ways to make your display stand out. As you plan your lighting, be sure to look at it from across the room, not just at your booth. Keep in mind that when it comes to lighting, a little goes a long way. Too much flash can overwhelm visitors.

Use Accent Lighting
Think about specific areas of your booth that you want visitors to notice, such as your company logo, business cards, literature and any products you’re displaying. This will quickly draw your audience’s attention to what’s most important.

Make Your Staff Look Good
An engaging staff will take any exhibit to the next level – that’s why it’s important use warm, natural lighting that flatters your team. Avoid cool lighting, which can make people look slightly blue and unattractive. Be sure your booth is bright enough. You want it to feel warm, welcoming and cheerful.

Use Layered Lighting for Large Displays
Large exhibits have unique lighting needs. The goal is to create the impression of permanence –to make visitors feel as though they’re entering a professional world that’s always been there. By creating this impression, you’ll appeal to the visitor’s sense of wonder and imagination, so they’re more likely to become emotionally invested. By layering accent lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting, you’ll build layers that give your large booth a sense of depth and permanence.

For Small Displays, The Key is Focus
Tabletop and pop-up displays take up much less space and require less lighting. Clamp-on display lights are a great choice because they’re easy to use and illuminate your message. If your display has multiple sections, such as a tri-fold display, clamp one light at the top of each section.

Accent a Kiosk
The right lighting can add depth to your kiosk display, too. While a clamp-on light is a great place to start, adding LED tape under the table surface or attaching a lightbox will make your display more interesting. Draw more visitors to your small space by getting creative with your lighting.

Save Energy and Money
Energy can be expensive at trade shows, so consider using LED lighting. It consumes less energy than halogen and fluorescent, and can last up to 10,000+ hours. Battery-powered LED lights are another way to reduce electric fees.

Get Creative
The range of lighting options available is immense; going beyond the normal choices makes your booth unique so it can stand out in the crowd. At VOXX, we can help you get the most out of your exhibit with a huge range of lighting options — adjustable lights, spotlights, clamp-on lights, bright white lights, floodlights, LED flexible ribbon, track lights and colorful RGB lights. Sophisticated use of lighting will make your staff, logo and information look great and get attention.

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