More Than Design and Graphics

by Admin | February 16, 2018 | Exhibit Design

Plenty of new clients come to us asking trade show booth graphics, and we’re always excited to show them just how much more we offer. Here’s a look at our services that go well beyond graphics. We’re a holistic partner full of fresh ideas, compelling design and build unique experiences when you want to make a lasting impression.

Interactive Displays
Make them want to interact with your brand by taking the in-store experience and combining it with mobile interactivity. Whether it’s digital signage or interactive kiosks we can help you provide real-time information to help customers compare products, learn about in-store deals, and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

VOXX Exhibits uses a combination of strategy, creativity, research, design, video, and emerging technologies to engage visitors across mobile, web, virtual, and physical mediums. We’re a full-service partner in the creation of interactive and motion experiences. From music festivals to Mardi Gras balls, we know how to turn significant social events into engaging opportunities. We love creating experiences that keep the experience economy in mind, immerse consumers in all sensory areas, and turn attendees into fans.

Your retail goals are ours, too. Increasing your store’s foot traffic is critical in this online shopping age. So, with a strategic combination of architectural design along with interactive and social marketing, we can help draw customers to your brand. Our team’s approach to helping ensure your brand achieves long-term survival and growth through meaningful brand engagement to create loyal evangelists.

Museum Exhibit Displays
We’ve created custom exhibits for sports museums, children’s museums and everything in between. No matter the size of your project, our experienced team of designers can work with you to immerse visitors in a one-of-a-kind experience. Back-lit wall displays, fiber optic lighting, interactive kiosks, free-standing themed walls, recessed display cases – we create and structure all these elements to create unique and exciting learning environments.

Business Displays
We understand the importance of point-of-purchase displays to generate customer interest, increase sales and strengthen your brand. Our team of experienced designers knows how to use graphics, signage, collateral, and advertising that reach your target help your company stand out from the competition.

In-office displays are a great way to welcome guests, improve employee communication and inspire a dynamic environment, and we can suggest some great ways to use graphics in your office.

Production Displays
At shows, plays, and movies, eye-catching displays can make events even more exciting for theater-goers. We design and produce posters, box-office signs, candy displays, concession signs, kiosks, banners, auditorium signs and free-standing graphic displays for theaters and other venues.

Designing for Corporate Events
Corporate events are a great way to launch new products, and we can help bring your event to life. We use the highest-quality materials to create a range of textures, styles and sensory elements to make unique displays that reflect the character and individuality of your company.

Climate-Controlled Storage
Holiday displays, trade show exhibits, seasonal displays – when you only use your exhibit for short periods of time, proper storage is essential. We offer climate-controlled storage space to protect and extend the life of your investment and save you valuable storage space. Our In-and-Out inventory system makes it easy to pick up and return your display when you need it.


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