Louisiana Roots with a Global Reach

VOXX Exhibits knows festivals. After all, the New Orleans Mardi Gras festival is only a two-hour drive to the east on I-10 —though the good people of Lafayette might claim ours is better.

Putting together a festival can be overwhelming. Maybe that’s because producing has become a serious business; There are now more than 800 music festivals in the US alone. According to Nielson, 32 million people go to at least one U.S. festival a year, traveling 903 miles on average to attend.

We’re also in the middle of an experience economy where companies need to be aware of how a customer feels about interacting with their brand. A few facts to keep in mind, over 75% of millennials and 59% of baby boomers say they value experiences over possessions.

We love creating experiences that keep the experience economy in mind,  immerse consumers in all sensory areas, and turn attendees into fans. VOXX uses a combination of strategy, creative, research, design, video, and emerging technologies to engage visitors across mobile, web, virtual, and physical mediums.

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We then help fans interact with your brand by building strong connections that will help bring your audience back year after year. Strong human interaction that goes beyond the bright and shiny features modern technology brings and helps your brand stand out in a sea of competition for audience attention. We cover concerts, festivals, special events, and, of course, Mardi Gras Balls.

If you’re already offering a unique experience and it’s a matter of showcasing it – we can assist you. If you need help creating a memorable experience your visitors won’t soon forget, we’d love to help there too.


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