Creative & Graphics

We go above and beyond putting on memorable festivals. VOXX offers expanded services you may not expect from an exhibit design company. On the one hand, we have a brag-worthy team of internal 3D, designers, and modelers but we also tap into a network of external partners at the top of their game. What does this mean for you?

You’ll be able to benefit our creative services that enhance exhibits, festivals and retail experiences —from concept to original content creation.

This is just some of what we offer:

  • Interactive content creation— Just about any type of content creation,  branded content, multi-touch, augmented experiences, virtual experiences and much more.
  • 3D design, model, and animation—Bring in 3D maps & 3D video mapping help take things up a notch. 
  • Large screen format content creation—Make your brand larger than life with indoor screens, outdoor displays, LED signage and LED curtains.
  • 360 video, drone, projection mapping—Give them the full view of your brand with immersive videos, spatial augmented reality, and spherical videos. 
  • Original video content and storytelling—Create visual stories that audiences that love will share and stream.
  • Graphics, visual design, and digital signage—Enhance your booth with original logos, cards, banners, and signage.
  • Marketing campaign – integrated or stand-alone—Tap into promotions that are unique to your brand and cater to your distinct audience.
  • Virtual, augmented, or mixed reality experiences—Leverage VR, AR and movie augmented reality into your next design.
  • Show, event, exhibit, festival creative envisioning, and experiential—We’ll work with you to create something impactful and memorable, no matter what the venue or event is.

Our team is innovative with a purpose—to design experiences that foster curiosity, conversation, and convert your customers into brand advocates. We work with you to establish a brand personality for your exhibit or event, and then develop ideas that encourage active engagement with you, your products and your brand.

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