Trade Show & Exhibit Booth Rental

VOXX has a massive warehouse of custom exhibits for you to choose from. When people walk in their eyes glaze over, but that’s not why we take throughout past inventory. From furniture to the latest technology such as tablets, video screens, and LEDs, if you’ve dreamt it up for your tradeshow or exhibit, we probably have it.

Two reasons you should consider an exhibit rental

  1. You can rent an inexpensive exhibit that only looks expensive.
  2. You can get ideas for an exhibit that doesn’t exist yet.

As a matter of fact, many times we bring clients to our warehouse first just to give them an idea of what could be.  And we can even mix and match solutions. For instance, we could take a tradeshow exhibit rental that’s already been created and trick it out with a bit VR and AR. Want to add a video wall to a booth you’ve had since the 90s? We can make that happen.

We find that most of our clients want to add a bit of interactive technology to take their exhibit to the next level and our team is happy to work within your budget and needs to make this happen.

You don’t need to start from scratch to make an idea a reality.


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