Your brand, and how customers experience it, is extremely important.  It should be considered during all phases of implementation (design, fabrication, and build).  Whether it’s a retail venue, museum, restaurant, Mardi-Gras ball, or music festival, VOXX is here to elevate your brand above all others.

At our core, we are designers and builders that are focused on providing award-winning, cost effective trade show solutions. We are proud to say that we can also custom fabricate and engineer custom experiences that put your brand on a pedestal, attract more attendees, and create more excitement about your exhibit.

Modern and forward-thinking designs combined with integrated marketing efforts ensure that the exhibit and experience are “connected” to your consumers across every touch point or channel.  We strive to create designs and experiences that invite interaction in naturally engaging ways.

Each fabrication project is different, each with it’s own set of design requirements and opportunities to uniquely engage customers. Our hand-crafted approach ensures that the selection of materials is as carefully considered as the overall design itself.

Commonly Used Materials

  • Woods, All Types – Unique woods impact schedule
  • Metals, All Types -Strength and weight considerations
  • Audio/Visual – recycled phones, tv’s, speakers, misc
  • Tactile – tile, fabric, acrylic, plastics, rope, wires, misc
  • Lighting, All Types – Smart lighting, new, energy efficient, etc

As a full-service company, VOXX can also provide turnkey trade show solutions for all your exhibit needs, from installation and dismantle to long-term storage. A worldwide support team with a family feel.

How To Get The Conversation Going

We suspect if you’ve made it this far down the page, you’ve already considered that an exhibit rental or skimmed through our case studies concluding those solutions won’t solve your design challenge. If you have the items below all figured out, great! If not, we’d be happy to partner with you at any point along the way.  When you decide to connect with us, here’s a few things we’ll want to learn early:

  1. Environment & Event – exhibit, trade show, product launch, restaurant makeover, museum, store, etc. Will this be indoors, outdoors or mixed?
  2. Design, Drawings, Specs – If you have them, even sketched on a napkin, we’d love to see it including any reference links, pictures or videos. How large is the space or would you like help defining it?
  3. Goals – What are you looking to accomplish with this build? Is there an ROI component to the build or a capital expenditure?
  4. Success – What else besides the goals above being met defines success? Are you looking to generate leads, create a buzz for your brand or product launch or seeking to more deeply engage your consumers?
  5. Marketing – What marketing and content efforts will be supporting this experience and have you begun building the plan?
  6. Interactivity, V-Commerce, Emerging Technologies – What solutions and platforms do you have in place? Are you looking for transactional tech, multi-touch, virtual or augmented reality experiences?
  7. Budget – Our typical range can be $5K – $5M so understanding your budget or range is required up front and will save us all a bunch of time.
  8. Schedule – Do you have a date in mind? If you’ve been putting off contacting a partner about this, give us a call or shoot us an email, we’ll jump right on it!

Our Partners Include:

Aluvision, APG, Brumark, K&S International, Pixus, CRRNT, The New Blank, and Best Buy, to name a few.

With our new growth we are able to provide design, build, and event management services for special events, festivals, and retail clients.

If you can dream it, we can build it.