Installation & Dismantle

For years, we have listened to countless horror stories from customers who struggle with show labor.  Whether it’s the general quality of the builders, scheduling difficulties, or cost overruns, we have seen it or heard it.  In the same breath, we have also been asked to provide installation and dismantle services and direct supervision.  We’re happy to begin providing these services to all of our clients.

Here’s how it works:

Our intrepid crew meets at the show site and preps exhibit for the show. By the way, we’re like a pit crew when it comes to set up and tear down. Need it put up and dismantled in one day. We can do it.

Step 1:  Planning & Requirements

Our team first begins this process by getting as much information as possible from the show decorator, venue, or from our client.  Freight delivery windows, setup times, show hours, dismantle times, outbound carrier check-in times as well as floor clear-out deadlines are all taken into consideration before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2: Schedule

With all the above information in hand, its time to start making decisions.  When should freight arrive and how should it ship?  When should labor be scheduled?  What about travel arrangements?  All of this is thought through by the VOXX team and then put into action.

Step 3: Dismantling


These services might include disassembly of the structure, re-packing of exhibit, and flooring, preparing for outbound shipping, which could include re-skid or re-create exhibit, shrink wrap/banding, submitting paperwork to show management and freight labeling.

Our Quality Promise

How do we differ from other services out there? Before the exhibit even leaves our facility, we make sure everything is inventoried and works correctly. When the exhibit arrives back from the show we open all the crates, inspect for any visual damage, inventory to account for everything then pack properly for storage.

Additional services we offer:

  • Design and manufacture of an exhibit
  • Rental Solutions
  • Creative Services (Graphics & CAD drawings)
  • Show Management
  •  Climate Controlled Storage
  • Worldwide Logistic Service

Don’t see a service listed here? Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.


Question: What’s VOXX’s familiarity with how a trade show or exhibit flows and how would you ensure that you get things done in a timely manner?

Answer: Through the years we’ve designed and manufactured different designs for exhibits and trade shows. We know how exhibits function and know about the various challenges, constraints, and the pieces needed to meet those challenges.

Question: Can VOXX help me deal with the show decorator?

Answer: We have the relationships with them to get things done so you and your staff can concentrate on other things.

Question: How do you manage delays?

Answer: We take care of any delays or unpleasant surprises, so you don’t have to. Our past clients have trusted us to manage their shows for them, so the client’s team can concentrate on what matters most.

Question: What’s VOXX’s entrance and exit strategy for the client’s exhibit and equipment?

Answer: It depends on the show, design, and the space but we’ve listed our step-by-step process above to give you an idea of how this would work.

Question: How will VOXX figure out the overall cost of the trade show and how to get things ordered and managed?

Answer: It depends on your needs and the exhibit design, but we’re completely up front with you about any and all costs and fees. No surprises.  We will say that being a one-stop shop also helps to keep costs down.

Our Special Operations offering was created to provide better and less expensive labor services. Too good to be true? Connect with us to find out.


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