The bar is rising for experiential, event, retail, and festival experiences.  Consumers interact with brands in every aspect of their lives, which means every way you communicate matters.  We help companies like yours cut through the marketing noise by taking an integrated approach to creating experiences across exhibitions, retail environments, festival experiences, and many other platforms.

This doesn’t simply happen by accident.  VOXX creates experiences that stand out and demand attention.  It starts by carefully developing a strategy that integrates the right amount of creative messaging and continually thinking about audience interaction across every touch point.  Following this approach, not only do you create something that your audience remembers and shares with others, but you also dramatically stand out from your competitors.

Since each experience presents different opportunities, every message you convey and piece of technology that is interacted with must be able to answer questions about your brand.  Here are some of they ways that VOXX can help you meet these challenges.


Before the start of every project, our strategists collaborate with your team to define measurable objectives.  We gain an understanding of your customer’s journey before, during, and after the show.  Then we’ll use this data to develop a strategic plan that meets audience expectation and brand goals all at once.

What it might look like –

Say that you’ve had a booth at the same trade show for a few years.  Our strategist would start by gathering information about what has attracted your audiences in the past.  Keeping what’s worked in mind, VOXX would bolster your presence by developing adventurous, bold ideas designed to attract new audiences and set new goals for the future.


We like to be able to get to know your audience as much as the budget and schedule allow.  The more insight we have, the more opportunities we create for you to be able to interact with them.  This requires a deeper dive into your customers, beyond basic consumer data and statistics, which adds another dimension to your project goals.

What this might look like –

Knowing that too many brands that want to build new audiences tend to leave old ones behind, we would divide your audience into two buckets:

  • Loyal buyers
  • New leads

Conducting a thorough study of the behaviors of these two groups, we would look for ways to reward loyal clients for sending you new clients or creating a new application that gamifies audience interaction with your brand, or any one of a bevy of ideas and resources at our disposal.  You will not truly know what your audience will react positively to until we can learn more about them.


Great ideas are born from a clear strategy, succinct messaging, and impactful creativity.  We are happy to work with your agency partner or bring in a trusted one of our own.  By checking these boxes, it ensures that we don’t have to rest on a flashy campaign but rely on the entire strategic experience at every step of the event journey.

What this might look like –

When it comes to planning an event appearance, we have noticed that brands are weak in on of these three areas:

  1. Pre-event build up and excitement
  2. Creating an engaging exhibit design and experience
  3. Making sure that the exhibit excitement keeps going post-event

If you are unable to identify that area that you are weak, you will be wasting time and effort on the implementation of new strategies and ideas.


We offer opportunities and methods to collect data throughout your show or event to help you identify curious visitors or loyal customers.  Using this information, we can help you connect and earn your client’s attention in today’s competitive business landscape, making you stand out in a crowd.

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What this might look like –

Unless you identify your goals and measure what you are doing every step of the way, you will have no way of knowing what is and isn’t working.  We will help you get into specifics with exhibit attendees by identifying what influenced their decision making and get answers to questions like:

  1. What attracted you to our booth?
  2. What made you buy?
  3. What made you walk away?

With this information in hand, you will know what needs modification and redesign.

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