Packing Up: Protect Your Show Booth

by Admin | December 19, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Did you know that exhibits are most likely to be damaged during teardown and transportation? Follow these tips to protect your exhibit for the long term.

It Starts with Shipping

Invest in Carrying Cases: They’re durable, weatherproof and specially designed to house the components that make up your exhibit. Some even include storage for accessories.
Don’t Take Shortcuts with Labeling: Fill out every field and double-check all your info, including your booth number, contractor name, convention street address, date, time, etc.
Pack Loose Items Carefully: Be sure to tightly pack small items and use plenty of padding. You can save money on transportation by using the overhead luggage compartment for storage. Be sure to mark everything as fragile.
Secure Your Pallet: Stack packages with the heaviest items on the bottom. Store electronics and anything delicate separately, and secure your load with shrink wrap.
Document the Assembly: Set your crew up for success by creating a notebook with detailed instructions for setup and teardown, preferably with pictures. Tag parts that go together to avoid confusion.
Research Your Carrier: If you’re having larger items shipped, it pays to do your homework by reading customer reviews. Think about partnering with a trade show expert, like our team at VOXX, who’ll coordinate shipping, setup and teardown of your booth and alleviate headaches.
Take Pictures: Be sure to photograph your inventory before you ship – if there’s an insurance claim to file later, you’ve got documentation of your exhibit’s original condition.


Show Up Early: It’s no secret that trade shows run on a strict schedule, so grab your coffee and get there early to give your crew plenty of time to carefully unpack and assemble.
Read Your Owner’s Manual: If there was ever a time to read the manual, this is it – especially if you’re setting up your display for the first time. Never force two pieces that don’t seem to work together, and don’t be shy about asking for help.
Have a Toolkit Ready: Plan to have a kit with wrenches, sockets, electrical tape, scissors, safety pins and power strips to help with buildup and teardown.

Tips for Teardown:

Give Lights Time to Cool: To avoid burns to your skin or equipment, remember to turn off and unplug lights as soon as possible, so they have plenty of time to cool. Store your lights separately from everything else.
Take Your Time: Everyone will be tired after a full day of standing and socializing, but never rush this disassembly. Typically, this is where most mistakes happen that can lead to damage. We recommend bringing in a fresh crew to ensure everything is put away carefully.
Details, Details: Most money is lost because of little, careless mistakes. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by remembering these three little words: no sharp edges. You’ll also want to dust off your materials before you pack them up.
Do an Inspection: Take note of anything missing, so you can order replacements. Make a list of anything that may be damaged and arrange repairs.
Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Moisture can quickly ruin your exhibit. Dry your items and pack them in a dry carrying case. Graphics may blur or fade if exposed to water, so be sure to keep them protected. Always opt for temperature-controlled, pest-free storage.

VOXX services range from strategy and design to transportation and storage. Call us to help make your trade show run seamlessly. Good luck!


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